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During the early years, Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry mostly imports machines from Europe for their processing and packaging needs. But with the emergence of China in world as quality & cost-effective manufacturer, situation is drastically changed in last decade or so enabling industry to invest more in technological advancement without compromising on quality & cost of producing finished medicines.

Realizing this need of the industry, ZM Chemicals timely diversified in Machinery business keeping its strong-suit of bringing in latest technology and innovative products to cater the needs of industry. At ZM Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Machines and Equipments are thriving on efficient leadership, engineering excellence, cutting-edge technology and professional approach. Empowered with enhanced technology an array of high quality Pharmaceutical Machineries and Equipments from production to packaging can be made available. The machinery & equipments available are of all types & sizes for manufacturing of Tablets, Capsules, Ointments, Liquids, Dry Powder, Injectables, and Lyophilizers (Freeze Dryers) etc for Pharmaceutical Industry.

ZM Chemicals provides custom solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Food & related industries. With a wide range of services, no other company can offer the expertise and professional service of machinery & manufacturing tools.

  • Tablet Section
  • Capsules Section
  • Bottle Section
  • Ampoule Section
  • Vial Section (Powder)
  • Vial Section (Liquid)
  • Packing Section
  • General Section
  • Water Section
  • Lyophilizer